About Us

Mitobi Integrated Services are major distributors of top notch Security Surveillance, Home Automation, Access Control,green energy and other ICT devices.
Not only do we supply the best products but also provide solutions and services in a customer centric approach hence priortizing our customer's needs.

eight mitobi company staff dressed in blue, eight standing one standing
three men in black suits and red ties
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Our Core Values


As service fanatics We strive more valiantly than ever to achieve uniqueness as an organization in customer’s mind and term


Anything worth doing is worth well. We believe in excellence in all we do. We offer outstanding services to our clients


This is a fundamental characteristic of our business conduct. Honesty, sincerity and integrity are top priorities in our dealings with clients and organizations


Our core strength lies in the power of our workforce technical abilities and our strategic alliance with global industrial companies.


We do not sacrifice quality on the altar of price. We provide quality and authentic products that are guaranteed to last


With our culture of continuous improvement, we beat the standards of customer satisfaction and efficiency to set us apart from competitors.

What we do

Utilising the latest technology to provide powerful, yet easy to work and use solutions. Our solutions are designed for a wide range of sectors including education, healthcare, retail, leisure, commercial, the public sector and more.
Our management team flexibility of mind and raging impatience with inaction will inspire fruitful organization revolutions.