Why Give Up On Your Stolen Phone, When You Have An IMEI Number?

There are only a few things worse than losing a phone, misplacing a phone can make a person feel almost empty.  There is a general sense of unease that comes immediately you realize your device is gone. We all know that these days phones are used for so much more than making calls and sending/ receiving messages. As such, the thoughts of a stranger having access to all the data on your phone when it goes missing could make you feel stripped of everything. A recent study shows that over 60 million phones are lost each year. Without a SIM card, GPS location or Internet access, it may seem like all is lost when your phone goes missing. But do you know that you can use the IMEI number to track your lost Android phone?

How? Join me as we first understand the meaning of IMEI.


IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) Is A 15-Digit Code That Is Specific And Unique To A Mobile Phone Authorized By GSMA. Every Phone, Unless It Is Counterfeit, Has An (IMEI). It Can Be Used To Find A Phone When It’s Lost Or Has Been Stolen. Just Like An Identity Certificate For Your Phone. Every Time A Phone Uses A Particular Network To Make Or Receive A Call, Send Or Receive A Message, Its IMEI Number Is Automatically Emitted And Tracked.

For Instance, If A Mobile Phone Is Stolen, The Owner Can Easily Call The Network Provider And Instruct Them To “Blacklist” The Phone Using Its IMEI Number Because They Have The Database. This Renders The Phone Useless On That Network, Whether Or Not The Phone’s SIM Has Been Changed For Another. In Essence, A Number Can Be Blacklisted After A Theft If The Owner Reports With IMEI Number.