Mitobi Electronic Security retail solutions  protect retail stores from theft, vandalism, and other security threats. These systems are designed to deter potential criminals, monitor store activities, and provide evidence in case of an incident. Electronic security we deploy in retail include:

These are used to monitor the store premises and record footage of any suspicious activities. Cameras are often placed at entry and exit points, as well as in key areas inside the store.

These systems are designed to alert store personnel or security agencies in case of a security breach, such as a break-in or unauthorized access to restricted areas.

EAS systems are used to protect merchandise from theft. They consist of tags or labels attached to items and sensors at store exits that trigger an alarm if an item is taken without being deactivated or removed.

Advanced surveillance systems use video analytics to automatically detect and alert on suspicious behavior, such as loitering or unauthorized access to restricted areas.

Many electronic security systems can be monitored remotely, allowing store managers or security personnel to keep an eye on the store even when they are not physically present.

Overall, electronic security systems play a crucial role in protecting retail stores from various security threats and ensuring the safety of customers, employees, and merchandise.