Bollard Barrier

bollard barrier

A bollard is a short post that guides traffic and protects pedestrians and property by creating a physical and visual barrier. in other words, a bollard is a single post that is usually made of steel, is short and robust, and is anchored in a hard surface like concrete. The post-shaped deterrent has a low profile and is designed to obstruct car travel in both directions while allowing full pedestrian movement. Bollards are built to resist severe impact and redirect possible blows away from the object or region they’re protecting.

Types of Bollard

Anti-ram Bollards
Anti-ram-raid bollards, also known as K-rated bollards, are security bollards designed to keep vehicles from crashing through them. The K4, K8, and K12 grades provide differing levels of protection against various vehicle sizes.

Safety bollards
These bollards provide path and road definition for your warehouse or distribution center, deflecting traffic and incursions. These sorts of bollards are important if traffic flow is important in your warehouse.

Architectural and Landscaping bollards
However landscaping bollards serve the same purpose as architectural bollards, they may differ in that they are more concerned with aesthetics than with function, though both are attained.

Bollards are used in a variety of situations.

Bollards can be used in a variety of locations across your business. A pair might be used to designate a doorway, one to safeguard a high-traffic corner, or a sequence of them could be used to delineate an area instead of a full guardrail. They can be utilized as a form of filtration system, separating vehicle and equipment traffic from pedestrian traffic. Bollards are commonly found in front of utilities, sprinkler systems, and machinery virtually any area where you want to protect against potential vehicle contact while yet allowing for pedestrian traffic.

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