Smart Lighting System – Your Home Automation just keep getting smarter and smarter

Whether it’s a single light bulb or a comprehensive whole-house lighting system, the lights in your home just keep getting smarter and smarter. Consequently, they offer a wide range of features and benefits to your household. From making your home more secure to a better place to entertain friends and family, today’s lighting solutions are amazingly versatile. There’s something for just about everyone. Here are 10 ways smart lighting can make an impact in your home.

  1. Energy Savings. LED bulbs consume less energy than incandescent bulbs, and when you tie them to dimmer switches, the energy savings multiplies. It’s a simple, fairly affordable upgrade that will eat away at your energy costs.
  2. Aesthetic Value. Lights glowing at a full 100 percent intensity level may seem like the ideal level at which to illuminate your home—maybe if you’re trying to find loose change in the cushions of a couch. Lights set a softer intensity make your home’s interior look better.
  3. Convenience. Most smart light bulbs and lighting systems can be programmed to turn on and off at certain times of the day. It happens automatically, so even if you forget to turn off a light as you race out the door, the light remembers.
  4. Your Health. Lighting offers proven health benefits. New bulbs have been engineered to produce light that mimics sunshine, making you feel better and be more productive. Smart lighting can also help put you to sleep, dimming gradually as the night progresses.
  5. Entertainment. Lights that dim in preparation of a movie or that pulse along with beat of a song are a great addition to any party.
  6. Simplicity. If you’ve ever struggled to remember which switch controls which lights—and who hasn’t?—you’ll appreciate the simple, intuitive controls of a lighting system. Buttons of a keypad are labeled, as are commands on mobile apps. No more guessing which switch to toggle.
  7. Remote Access. Imagine you’re on your way home from a late-night business meeting. From a smartphone you can turn on certain lights as you pull into the driveway. It’s the ultimate peace of mind.
  8. Scare Tactics. Raccoons, trespassers, and other unwelcome visitors scurry away when the lights snap on suddenly when a detector notices their presence.
  9. Personality. Just as a new coat of paint can liven up a space, smart lighting can turn drab rooms into dramatic showpieces.
  10. Safety. Smart lighting can be set to turn on and off randomly, making your house look occupied—and less attractive—to burglars. And with the various types of Wireless Spy cameras Bulbs you can get at, your home security just got a huge boost.

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