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Complete Smart Home Automation Control Systems
Controllers are the “brains” of an intelligent home automation system. They allow you to integrate and control security, heating and air, lighting, entertainment and other home systems with simple convenience. Home Controls provides system hubs and smart home controllers from the biggest names in Home Automation and Security. Choose from specialized irrigation controllers, security hubs, and all-in-one automation controllers to make your home smarter and safer. Mitobi shop


Lighting automation is a broad term and covers the field that has to do with creating automated alterations or changes in lighting levels to emphasize architecture, affect the mood, and illuminate art. It can also be used, in some instances, to influence or facilitate action. Mitobi Shop


The smart home promises a futuristic home experience where everything you need is just a simple voice command away, even when you’re far from home. There are some very cool gadgets that let you do a lot with home automation, many of which are incorporated into home security systems. These include smart doorbells, smart locks, smart cameras, smart thermostats, smart lights, and smart smoke alarms. Mitobi Shop

A smart system learns your household’s heating and cooling preferences over time and adjusts to them automatically, to provide enough air to keep you comfortable, without wasting energy. They also factor in outdoor temperature when setting the indoor temperature. A variable-speed air handler can provide more air on hotter days, or less air on milder ones.

The system learns your habits, too: whether you like things a little warmer in the morning or a little cooler at night, etc. Some systems even have sensors to detect when someone enters or leaves a room, so that air isn’t sent to unoccupied areas.

And in addition to learning your preferences, the system also connects to your phone or other mobile device via an app. This way, you can remotely control the temperature, and even the vents, closing one and opening another as needed. Mitobi Shop


Smart entertainment devices allow you to simplify your control scheme, putting away the pile of remotes for a more elegant solution. They also can help streamline your setup, letting you get right to the music and movies you want without a lengthy process.

Even more than this, smart entertainment devices allow you to interact with your electronics in a more seamless, natural manner, whether by touch, gesture, or voice. You’ll no longer have to juggle an array of cables and buttons. Mitobi shop


Garage door openers have been around for quite some time now. No more clicker in your car, open by your smart phone or proximity fob. It’s that simple.

Smarter Homes specializes in Installing Home Automation Systems that Monitor and unlock/open garage doors and vehicle gates from smart home remotes or smart device Apps to increase Security for the modern home owner.  Mitobi shop

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