Acces Control

At Mitobi, We Deploy Access Control System To Restrict Movement.Access control is a security technique that regulates who or what can view or use resources in a computing environment. It is a fundamental concept in security that minimizes risk to the business or organization.

Great for:


Simple Card Adminstration

Energy Saving

internal & external doors

Why you need it?

For securing your premises, giving staff access to certain areas thereof or merely giving employees access to the building between nine and five, access control systems can do it all. It is an updated, effective and easy way of providing the best security. 


Key Benefits:

time-and-attendance device

How does it work?

Access control systems perform identification authentication and authorization of users and entities by evaluating required login credentials that can include passwords, personal identification numbers (PINs),biometric scans, security tokens or other authentication factors. Multifactor authentication (MFA), which requires two or more authentication factors, is often an important part of a layered defense to protect access control systems 

The Best System for you

time attendance acess control

Time Attendance

Time Attendance Devices are used to capture start/end times of employee work, break, overtime and so on. They use face recognition, fingerprint and palm recognition technology to carry out this purpose. 

Door Locks

Electronic central door and access systems use computers to solve the limitations of mechanical locks and keys. A wide range of methods can be used to replace mechanical keys. You can use a swipe card, a password entered on a keypad, key fobs, or even bio-metric scanning to open your doors.


Modern Electronic Entrance in the business building, Technology Background

Entrance Controls

The main objective of a multi-door access control system is to give quick and convenient access to authorized people into your remote sites, while also preventing the access of unauthorized people.

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