Fire Detection Service

Protect your people and minimize the risks to your business with reliable fire detection and alarm systems. 

Why Us?

Mitobi Integrated Services Specializes In Providing Customers With Leading Fire Detection, Suppression & Life Safety Technologies, Application Expertise, And Services. By Assembling A Project Team With Vast Industry Experience And Technical Competence, Mitobi Works With Their Clients To Deliver Compliant, Non-Proprietary Solutions Which Avoid Sole-Source Dependency And Assure Long-Term Cost Competitiveness.



Easy and Affordable

Integration of systems

self monitoring systems

Early detection

How it Works?

Dry Chemical System Offers The Choice Of Two Dry Chemical Agents Effective On Class A, B And C Fires. It Is Available In Two Basic Configurations: As A Local Application System Or A Total Flood System. A Local Application System Is Designed To Protect A Specific Piece Of Equipment, While A Total Flood System Is Recommended For Protection Of Enclosed Rooms Or Spaces.

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