Why you Need it?

Valuable Property Needs To Be Protected From The Prospect Of Theft And Destruction. Some Homes Are Equipped With Alarm Systems That Can Deter Burglars, Notify Authorities When A Break-In Has Occurred, And Even Warn Owners When Their Home Is On Fire. Such Measures Are Necessary To Ensure The Integrity Of Homes And The Safety Of Homeowners.

The Same Assurance Of Integrity And Safety Should Also Be Applied To Computer Systems And Data.

Why Us?

The Internet Has Facilitated The Flow Of Information, From Personal To Financial. At The Same Time, It Has Fostered Just As Many Dangers. Malicious Users And Crackers Seek Vulnerable Targets Such As Unpatched Systems, Systems Infected With Trojans, And Networks Running Insecure Services. Alarms Are Needed To Notify Administrators And Security Team Members That A Breach Has Taken Place So That They Can Respond In Real-Time To The Threat. Intrusion Detection Systems Have Been Designed As Such A Warning System.