Why Use It?

With Technology Infiltrating Every Aspect Of Modern Living And Our World Becoming Increasingly Digitized, Protecting Confidential Information Becomes All The More Difficult. Passwords And Keys Were Once Considered Sufficient To Provide Data Security But Now They Look Increasingly Feeble In The Face Of Sophisticated Hacker Attacks. 

In Fact, Passwords Are The Weakest Link In An Organization’s Security System.

This Is Because They Are Shareable And Even Those With Strong Entropy Can Be Cracked By A Variety Of Methods. This Has Put The Focus On Biometric Security As It Is The Only Effective Way To Prove An Individual’s Identity.

man face explaining how biometrics work

How does it work?

The entire security structure of biometrics authentication is based on comparison. Biometric systems capture and store individual characteristics that remain constant over time, such as fingerprints, voice, retinal patterns, facial recognition, and hand patterns. When a user makes an authentication request, the system compares their biometrics with the data in the database. If there’s an accurate match, access is granted.

Why Us?

The Role Of Biometrics And Identity Management Solutions Cannot Be Over Emphasized; Biometric Is Now A Subject In Securing The Nation. Biometric Solutions Is Now Integrated Into Various E-Government Solutions, Public Key Infrastructure , Biometric Document Issuing System, Passenger And Vehicle Processing System For Border Crossing And Electronic Border Control At Mitobi, We  Provide Of Fingerprint Core Technology, Backed With Our Best Breed Of Alliances And A Wealth Of  Experience Across Technologies And Geographies We Provide Top-Notch Biometric Solutions To Our Clients.

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