IoT Home Automation

Why you need it?

Mitobi’s IoT solutions encompass everything IoT device designers, software developers and product manufacturers need to develop and implement IoT ideas, including hardware IP and software platforms. Efficient processor designs combined with AI-enhanced intelligence, end-to-end security, development platforms and tools for multiple workloads, devices and clouds, and massive scalability are all essential elements of an IoT solution.

Use Cases:

iot connection devices

Great for:

Enhanced Security

Improve functionality

Remote Management

Convenient and cost efficient

How does it work?

The IoT based home automation consist of several smart devices for different applications of lighting, security, home entertainment etc. All these devices are integrated over a common network established by gateway and connected in a mesh network. This means that it gives users the flexibility to operate one sensor based followed by the action of the other. For e.g. you can schedule to trigger the living room lights as soon as the door/windows sensor of your main door triggers after 7pm in the evening.

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