Video Surveillance

Today, surveillance is all pervasive, cutting across various industries. The associated technology is transitioning from standalone and analog video to networked (IP) and digital video. The intelligent video surveillance solution from Mitobi offers comprehensive IP video surveillance software products which are capable of addressing small, medium and large installations.

Great for:

Indoor & outdoor


Remote Management

Multi sites

how it works

Consisting of at least one camera, lens, monitor and recorder, a CCTV system can be scaled up or down depending on the size of area wanting surveillance.

CCTV works by the camera or cameras taking a constant sequence of images that are then transmitted by cable or wirelessly (depending on the chosen system type) to the recording device and then on to the display monitor, which enables an individual to see the sequence of images as video footage.

Depending on the type of cameras used, they may also have the ability to zoom in and out and rotate 360 degrees.

why need it

 Many businesses, bars, schools, restaurants, banks, country clubs, and homes rely on CCTV for protection. While the security system may not stop the bad guy, it will prevent criminal activity to occur in the first place. 

With the Live footage as the primary feature and also recording feature, we take advantage of securing the premises in real-time as well as reviewing archived footage. Advantages include;

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